Direct Debit Payment

The City of Glenwood Springs has the option available to our citizens for payment of their Water/Sewer and Electric utility bills through a “direct debit” to their bank account.

Direct Debit Payment Procedures

Any citizen wishing to pay by direct debit will need to complete the following procedures:
  1. Fill out an “Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payment Form (PDF) provided in the Finance Department.
  2. Provide a voided check for the account you wish to have debited.
Once the above information is provided your account will be debited, for the utility accounts listed, in the month following completion of the authorization form. The customer will receive the regular monthly bill in the mail stating the date the debit will hit the account (around the 23rd of the month).
If your account has insufficient funds when the debit hits the account a non-sufficient funds charge will be assessed the same as if paid by check with non-sufficient funds.