Arts & Culture Board


The City of Glenwood Springs is looking for applicants to fill 7 vacancies on the Arts and Culture Board.

 Apply Online Here

Membership qualification: Five (5) citizens who are a resident of the City and Two (2) citizens of which may reside outside of the City, but within the 81601 area or own real property or a business within the City.

Applications can also be submitted in-person to the City Clerk’s Office or via e-mail to

Applications are due by 5:00 pm, October 5, 2017

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Powers and duties of Arts and Culture Board

The powers and duties of the Arts and Culture Board shall be:

  • To promote awareness, access, and appreciation of the fine, performing, and practical arts for City residents and visitors.
  • To advise the City Council in connection with all matters relating to the artistic and cultural development of the City.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural and art experience and education for children and adults.
  • To promote increased interaction among artists and opportunities for growth and exposure.
  • To promote knowledge and appreciation for cultural forms of artistic expression.
  • To make recommendations to the City Council with respect to annual budget appropriations for the arts.
  • To advise and consult with local arts groups as requested by such groups or by the City Council.