Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Engineering Division is to plan, develop, budget, and implement projects to maintain and improve the City’s utility, street, pedestrian and bridge infrastructure.

Engineering Fees can be made through our Online Payment Portal. A payment request will be sent after review of the permit application.
Payments can also be mailed or placed in the drop box located at City Hall addressed to Engineering. Include your contact information and a description of what the payment is for.   

Right of Way Management and Permits

Right of Way Management

The Division administers right of way permits and performs inspections to ensure compliance with the municipal code.

Permits are not valid unless they are signed by the approving staff member.

Right of Way Permit Application (PDF)
This permit is required for any project which excavates or opens a hole in or under the surface of any street, alley, sidewalk, public right of way or other public places.  This permit is also required for use of the City right-of-way for such issues as street closures, dumpster placements, landscaping or building material storage, sidewalk cafes, fences in the right-of-way, landscaping, and special event use of the right-of-way. All Right-of-Way permits shall have an attached Traffic Control Plan prepared by a Traffic Control Supervisor.
Grading Permit Application (PDF)
This permit is required for any project which involves the movement of more than 50 cubic yards of soil or clearing more than 200 square feet of vegetation. Grading permits are typically necessary for building excavations, berms, trenching, trails, utilities, ponds, etc.

Block Party Permit Application (PDF)

Public Improvements

The Engineering Division performs design, contract administration and construction, and consultant management for public improvements including water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, bridges, streets, City buildings and pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Transportation Planning

The Engineering Division also develops and maintains the City’s Long Range Transportation Plan and other plans which include new facilities and improvements for vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle modes of travel. We work to reduce congestion on SH 82 by implementing the City’s Access Control Plan and the Corridor Optimization Plan.

Funding and Grant Acquisition

The Engineering Division applies for and manages grants for funding of capital projects through sources such as the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District, the Colorado Municipal League, DOLA and through active participation in the Intermountain Transportation Planning Region.

CDOT and State Coordination of Large Projects on SH82 and I-70

GIS Mapping and Surveying

The Engineering Division is working to complete the City’s utility maps for water, sanitary sewer, electric and broadband utilities. We also update utility and street mapping with as-built information and prepare easements and legal descriptions for a range of different purposes.

 Current Engineering Standards