Transportation Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 1st Tuesday of each month
  • 7:30 AM
  • City Hall
    101 West 8th Street
    Council Chambers
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


  • Betsy Suerth; Chair
  • Jon Harman; Vice Chair
  • Steve Smith; Secretary


  • Steve Smith
    Appointed:  03/2020, 03/2023
    Term Expires: 03/2026
  • Ralph Trapani
    Appointed: 03/2019, 02/2022
    Term Expires: 03/2025
  • Dean Kinkel
    Appointed: 02/2022
    Term Expires: 03/2025
  • John Stephens
    Appointed: 02/2018, 03/2021
    Term Expires: 03/2024
  • Betsy Suerth
    Appointed:  02/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 03/2027
  • Jon Harman
    Appointed:  02/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 03/2027
  • Ray Alexander
    Appointed: 04/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 03/2027
  • Chloe Ward
    Appointed: 03/2024 
    Term Expires: 03/2027
  • Adam Decker
    Appointed: 04/2024 (Alternate)
    Term Expires: 03/2027

Council Liaison

  • Shelley Kaup
  • Ingrid Wussow (Alternate)

Composition of Transportation Commission

  • Seven (7) citizens, at least six (6) who are residents of the City and one (1) who may reside outside of the City but within the 81601 zip code area or own real property or a business within the City.

Powers and Duties of the Transportation Commission
(as defined in Title 020 of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code);
(i) Powers and Duties of Transportation Commission.

The powers and duties of the Transportation Commission shall be:

  1. To investigate, study and report to the City Council any and all matters concerning transportation issues which directly affect the City.
  2. To investigate, study and report to the City Council on other intergovernmental l committees, boards or commissions working on transportation issues in the Tri-County (Pitkin, Garfield and Eagle) area.
  3. To meet with the City Council on an annual basis to identify which transportation issues require priority attention.
  4. To investigate, study and report to the City Council on grants, donations and other forms of funding to assist in meeting the transportation needs of the City.
  5. To perform functions concerning oversight of transportation issues or functions as delegated by the City Council.
  6. To appoint subcommittees as necessary to carry out the foregoing functions subject to the approval of the City Council.