Shoreline Restoration Projects

Veltus Park and Three Mile Shoreline Restoration Project
The goal of these two projects is to construct riparian design elements to protect and improve the shorelines that been receding from erosion as well as improve and protect the facility elements that service users of Veltus Park and the Three Mile Creek Confluence on the Roaring Fork river bank. The projects will also improve river access and beautify the shorelines at both locations.

Veltus Park

The Veltus Park shoreline restoration project began in August 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.

Three Mile Creek

The City intends to prepare a comprehensive plan and design for the Three Mile Creek Confluence area with the Roaring Fork River adjacent to the Atkinson Trail.  The area is heavily used,  debris-ridden, and severely degraded/eroded due to related recreational use and pedestrian traffic to the area. The erosion of the banks has also caused a loss of streamside buffers, leading to reduced nutrient filtering, bank destabilization, increased soil and land loss, poor moderation of water temperature (which helps to dissolve oxygen necessary for fish health), and depletion of terrestrial wildlife habitat and corridors of movements.  A significant need exists for a comprehensive planning and design of necessary improvements to accommodate the heavy, multi-recreational use from anglers, pedestrians, beachgoers, rafters, etc. and limit future erosion/water quality related issues, identify necessary bank re-grading, invasive species removal, and rock/recreational equipment placement necessary to stabilize the steep and eroded river banks, and improve storm water management.

The Three Mile Creek Confluence shoreline restoration project has not yet begun.
  1. Brian Smith

    Parks and Recreation Director
    Phone: 970-384-6315

  2. Sarah O'Brien

    Executive Assistant to the City Manager

Veltus Park Construction
Three Mile Creek Confluence with the Roaring Fork River