North Landing

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Immediately adjacent to the pedestrian bridge, North Landing is a 16,300 square foot area  (.37 acres) that was the former landing of the old vehicular Grand Avenue Bridge on 6th Street. To serve as a gathering space for North Glenwood residents and visitors, this city-owned space can be converted, in whole or in part, to a public park and plaza. This new space will be at the crossroad of major pedestrian and bicycle routes which connect the 6th Street corridor with the Glenwood Canyon Trail and downtown.

Where Have We Been?

North Landing has been a community conversation for many years. City Council adopted the 6th Street Corridor Master Plan in 2017 which provided a blueprint for 6th Street improvements including North Landing.

Sixth Street 2017 Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Commission has re-identified North Landing as a priority in 2022, especially with the future redevelopment of 6th Street. Understanding this cannot happen in a vacuum, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Parks and Recreation Commission, the Arts and Culture Board, and North Glenwood neighbors came to a consensus on a unified vision of North Landing. The consensus process included at least two representatives from these Boards and Commissions. In 2022, these representatives participated in two public meetings facilitated by City staff to identify the desired elements and aesthetics of North Landing resulting in the consensus of a conceptual look-book.

North Landing 2022 Lookbook

Where Are We Going?

Drawings are complete for the design of North Landing and the bids for construction will be sent out with 6th street improvements, Winter of 2023. We anticipate construction of North Landing to begin in the 2025 Construction Season. 

Project Cost

City Council approved construction drawings for $180,384 split 50/50 between the City and DDA. Funding has not been secured for the construction of North Landing. The City and DDA are actively looking for grant opportunities to keep this project moving forward after the completion of construction drawings.

Related Documents

North Landing Final Plan Set (PDF)

  1. Bryana Starbuck

    Public Information Officer

  2. Ryan Gordon

    City Engineer

  3. Ashley Dostal

    Assistant City Engineer

Jillian Sutherland

Downtown Development Authority Executive Director


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