Blake Avenue

Thank you for your interest in the Blake Ave. redesign project. The survey is now closed. Input will be used to craft the final design. Members of the community will have one final round of input later in 2023 before construction plans are drawn up.


During the second community open house, neighborhood pop-up events, and the online survey, participants had an opportunity to provide feedback on the preferred conceptual design for the redesign on Blake Avenue between 13th and 27th Street. The concept incorporates community feedback from the May open house and online comments. 

In addition to correcting issues with the roadway itself and updating utilities, the design shows potential ways to improve safety, function, and access for pedestrians and bicyclists in the corridor. Participants will be asked to share feedback on the preferred conceptual design elements including pedestrian/bike facilities, traffic calming, on-street parking, and trees. 

Incorporation of public feedback 

Common themes from the first round of public input centered around mitigating against speeding, maintaining existing parking and trees, consistent bicycle infrastructure and increasing clear and accessible pedestrian space. The design team carried forward these comments to help shape the preferred alternative selection between 7th and 13th Street. Setting the ultimate section within that segment along Blake Avenue has fed into the concept and 30% design development from 13th to 27th Street. Despite a varying right-of-way width, the Blake Avenue corridor design between 13th and 27th Street provides consistency, predictability, connectivity and increased safety. 

Specific elements shown in the 30% design include: 

  • 6-foot on-street bike lanes 
  • 6-foot raised sidewalk with curb and gutter 
  • 10-foot travel lanes 
  • Maintaining or improving existing parking 
  • Preserving existing trees 
  • Maintaining existing access points/driveways 
  • Constructing bulb-outs at intersections 
  • Providing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) curb ramps and accessibility 
  • Extension of the one-way road section from 24th to 27th Street 
  • Upgrading storm infrastructure 
  • Upgrading sanitary and water line infrastructure 

Project Background and Goals 

The Blake Avenue Redesign project is to develop construction drawings to completely rebuild Blake Avenue between 13th Street and 27th Street, including 23rd, 24th and 26th Streets as part of the project.?Including 7th to 13th Street in the design helps staff plan what the whole street section will look like through town and gives a starting point for those block that are in good condition today, but will need improvements in the future.  

In 2024, construction is expected to begin on Blake Avenue from 24th to 27th Street, and including, 24th and 26th Street rebuilds between Blake Avenue and State Highway 82. The goals of the redesign are to fix underlying utility/storm/roadway structure issues, improve pedestrian and bike access and safety, improve user experience for multimodal use, enhance traffic calming, upgrade sidewalks and roadway surfacing.  

Blake Avenue Redesign is budgeted at $771,000 and is funded through the City’s Street Tax, Water and Sewer Departments, Electric Department and a $100,000 Roaring Fork Transportation Authority First/Last Mile Mobility Reserve (FLMMR) Grant.  

Accessibility Policy 

The City of Glenwood Springs ensures meaningful access to City programs, services, and activities to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and reasonably provides: translation, interpretation, modifications, accommodations, alternative formats, auxiliary aids, and services. To request these services, email or call 970-384-6441. Please submit requests as soon as possible but no later than three business days (Monday-Thursday, excludes holidays) before scheduled events. 


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