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Resolution 2014-38 Resolution 2014-38
Establishing a Public Posting Place for Meeting Notices (pdf)
Resolution 2014-37 Resolution 2014-37
Adopting Election Code and Delegating Responsibility for the April 7, 2015 Election (pdf)
Resolution 2014-36 Resolution 2014-36
Setting Development Application, Review, and Sign Permit Fees for 2015 (pdf)
Resolution 2014-35 Resolution 2014-35
Awarding Contract for Storage Area Network to Lewan Technology (pdf)
Resolution 2014-34 Resolution 2014-34
Setting Community Center Fees (pdf)
Resolution 2014-33 Resolution 2014-33
Establishing Airport Fees for 2015 (pdf)
Resolution 2014-32 Resolution 2014-32
Approving the Budget for 2015 (pdf)
Resolution 2014-31 Resolution 2014-31
Authorizing Sealed Competitive Proposal for Storage Area Network (pdf)
Resolution 2014-30 Resolution 2014-30
Setting Wastewater Rates (pdf)
Resolution 2014-29 Resolution 2014-29
Setting Water Rates (pdf)
Resolution 2014-28 Resolution 2014-28
Authorizing the Sale of a Surplus Pumper Truck (pdf)
Resolution 2014-27 Resolution 2014-27
Findings, Facts, and Conclusions Approving Annexation for SourceGas (pdf)
Resolution 2014-26 Resolution 2014-26
Approving Annexation Agreement with SourceGas (pdf)
Resolution 2014-25 Resolution 2014-25
Amending 2011 Comprehensive Plan (pdf)
Resolution 2014-24 Resolution 2014-24
Supporting the Application for a Grant from the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District for the South Midland Avenue Drainage and Roadway Reconstruction (pdf)
Resolution 2014-23 Resolution 2014-23
Approving the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for the November 4, 2014 Coordinated Election (pdf)
Resolution 2014-22 Resolution 2014-22
Appointing the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder as the Coordinated Election Official and the City Manager or his Designee as the City Election Officer for a Coordinated Election for the November 4, 2014 Election (pdf)
Resolution 2014-21 Resolution 2014-21
Initiating Annexation Proceedings (SourceGas) (pdf)
Resolution 2014-20 Resolution 2014-20
Setting Electric Rates (pdf)
Resolution 2014-17 Resolution 2014-17
Petition for Annexation in Substantial Compliance (SourceGas) (pdf)
Resolution 2014-16 Resolution 2014-16
Exchanging Quit Claim Deeds for Property in South Glenwood (pdf)
Resolution 2014-14 Resolution 2014-14
Authorizing Competitive Proposal for Construction Management of the Electrical Operations Center (pdf)
Resolution 2014-13 Resolution 2014-13
Designating the Public Works Director as a Representative and the City Manager as an Alternate Representative to the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool Members Council (pdf)
Resolution 2014-12 Resolution 2014-12
Authorizing Amendment to the Grant Agreement with the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District for Ice Rink Locker Room Enhancements (pdf)
Resolution 2014-11 Resolution 2014-11
Rescheduling the Public Hearing for the Glenwood Ridge Annexation (pdf)
Resolution 2014-10 Resolution 2014-10
Setting Boat Launch Use Fees (pdf)
Resolution 2014-09 Resolution 2014-09
Adopting a Outdoor Dining Program (pdf)
Resolution 2014-08 Resolution 2014-08
Supporting the Grant Application for a Mini-Grant from the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District for Reconstruction of the Runway and Apron at the Airport (pdf)
Resolution 2014-07 Resolution 2014-07
Resolution 2014-07 Authorizing the Solicitation for Proposals for Construction Services for the Ice Rink Locker Room and Restroom Facility (pdf)
Resolution 2014-06 Resolution 2014-06
Rescheduling the Public Hearing for the Glenwood Ridge Annexation (pdf)
Resolution 2014-05 Resolution 2014-05
Authorizing the Establishment and Maintenance of Investment Accounts (pdf)
Resolution 2014-04 Resolution 2014-04
Authorizing the Solicitation for Proposals for Repair Services at the Municipal Operations Center (pdf)
Resolution 2014-03 Resolution 2014-03
Amending the Comprehensive Plan (pdf)
Resolution 2014-02 Resolution 2014-02
Designating a Public Posting Place for Meeting Notices (pdf)
Resolution 2014-01 Resolution 2014-01
Establishing Airport Fees 2014 (pdf)