What is the estimated pricing for carts?

There will be four basic options for trash service levels – large, medium, small, and super-saver. Every resident will have recycling service provided every-other-week as part of the bundled service. The super-saver trash service option will be collected every other week and will be priced comparably to taking two to three bags of trash to the Recycle Center every month, but with the convenience of curbside pick-up.

The three other trash service level options will be picked up weekly: small (about 32-gallon cart), medium (about 64-gallon cart), and large (about 96-gallon cart). The small cart holds approximately two tall kitchen bags, the medium holds about five bags and the large holds up to seven. 

Estimated Trash Cart Sizing and Pricing

Recycling carts are bundled with trash service. Recycling carts will be available in the three three cart sizes for collection every other week (recycling cart size will not change the bundled price).

Trash Service Level 


Estimated Monthly Price (this is not yet final)

Super-Saver32-gallon cart picked up every other week$10.80
Small32-gallon cart (holds up to two tall kitchen bags)$12.72
Medium64-gallon cart (holds up to five tall kitchen bags)
Large96-gallon cart (holds up to seven tall kitchen bags)

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